Are the Allocco team members that perform the actual work employees or subcontractors?

Our team of craftsmen are full-time employees and part of our work family. Many on our team members have worked for us for years.

Is the sand and finish dustless?

Yes, our sanding and finishing processes use state-of-the-art dust prevention technology that will leave your home dust-free after our work is completed.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured.

New floor installation

What is your new floor installation process?

It all begins with a request for a craftsman to visit your home and measure the space. Within 3 business days we will provide a job estimate. Once an estimate is accepted we work with the customer to schedule the job.

Refinishing & repair

When can I walk on floors, move furniture and rugs back?

When your floor is ready for foot traffic and furniture once the finishing process is complete depends on the type of finishing product used. See the table below for the most common wait times.

ActivityWater-based finishOil-based finish
Walk on floors7 hours24 hours
Move furniture back1 day2 days
Move rugs back1-3 days6 weeks

Maintenance & care

How should I care for my hardwood flooring?

Vacuum or sweep floor with soft bristle brush. Use a dry microfiber mop for light dusting. Lightly dampen it with water for a more thorough clean. Use Bona floor care occasionally.