Who we are

We are craftsmen

Family-owned and operated for more than two decades, Allocco Wood Floors is Middle Tennessee’s choice for premium quality wood floors and customer satisfaction.

Jimmy Allocco, Allocco Fine Wood Floors
Jimmy Allocco

The son of a first-generation Italian-American, Jimmy Allocco began his wood floor career at the young age of 23 while working for a family member, who eventually encouraged him to start his own company.

By age 25, with a wife and baby at home, Jimmy founded Allocco Fine Wood Floors on the belief that if you take pride in your work and always treat the customer with respect success will surely follow. With only a red pickup truck and a deep passion for honing his new craft, he went to work. 

“Every morning, I would wake up excited, go to the job site by myself and work hard all day. At the end of the day I loved the satisfaction and pride of looking at what I had accomplished. I still do.”

Jimmy’s work ethic was instilled in him at an early age by his father. 

“I will never forget when my father took me out back once to watch the garbage truck collect the trash,” Jimmy remembers. “The men on the back of the truck were doing a sloppy job—trash that should have been going into the truck was spilling onto the ground. He said to me, ‘Son, I don’t care what profession you choose, so long as you take pride in your work.’”

He continued to explain to me about how the guy who takes enough care to do a good job getting the cans emptied and not spilling trash everywhere will eventually be promoted to drive the truck. And if he continues to take pride in how he drives the truck, he will become the manager, and so on. That was my lesson in work ethic.”

Since 1995, Allocco Wood Floors has embodied the approach of taking pride in one’s craft and providing superior customer service, growing from a one-man shop to a full-time team of 23 professionals who share the founder’s passion for superior quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Allocco Fine Wood Floors Craftsmen, team


Why hire us?

In-house team

We do not subcontract the work. Our team of craftsmen are full-time, vetted professionals employed by Allocco, most of whom have worked with us for many years.

No money upfront

Some hardwood floor companies ask for 25% to 50% or more upfront. We stand by our work and business practices and do not need to require a deposit or downpayment on materials or labor.

We’re accountable

Mistakes happen from time to time and when we make them, we fix them at our cost. No questions asked.

Higher standards

We are members of the National Wood Flooring Association, a trade organization whose members adhere to a strict standard of professionalism, honesty and professionalism.

Bona 5 Star

We are Bona® Certified Craftsmen

Bona Certified Craftsmen get rigorous hands-on training with Bona professionals. Training covers product systems and application techniques. 

The Five Star Advantage is a lot like an insurance policy for homeowners. With a trusted Bona Certified Craftsman you can expect beautiful, durable floor finishes with a positive experience–fast installation, clean and dustless job site, and lifetime support.